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DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS > Gossen Metrawatt Metrahit Category IV Digital Volt Ohm Meter
Gossen Metrawatt Metrahit Category IV Digital Volt Ohm Meter

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Prod. Code: IM E-Drive



An all-in-one instrument with 30,000 digits: milliohmmeter, multimeter, data logger, insulation resistance tester, and coil tester.

Compact and multifunctional for use in the field: can be used advantageously in aircraft cockpits as well as in other constricted spaces, which would otherwise require the use of several individual instruments.

Product Highlights

  • Milliohm measurement using a 4-wire connection (Kelvin measurement) with 200 mA or 1 A
  • Insulation tester with test voltage from 50 to 1000 V
  • Inter-turn short circuit test with 1000 V test voltage
  • High-end TRMS multimeter with 100 kHz bandwidth

Your advantages

  • Safety-relevant tests for electric devices, drives and installations with a single field instrument
  • Testing of high-voltage systems following UN ECE R100
  • Insulation resistance measurement per EN 61557-2 / VDE 0413-2
  • Rlow installation testing per EN 61557-4 / VDE 0413-4
  • Bonding test and equipotential bonding measurement, e.g. on aircraft outer skins (lightning protection, wick test)

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For More Information Contact:

Michael | (716)-812-1141| michael@1000vTools.com


Proper safety equipment (PPE) must be worn while working on or near live power. 

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