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1000v Insulated Tools and Arc Flash PPE

Insulated Tool Kit

1000vTools stocks the largest selection of USA-made double-insulated hand tools in the world. Our tools comply with ASTM F1505-01, IEC 60900, and NFPA 70E standards for electrical safety in the workplace. We use impact-resistant and flame-retardant insulated material. The two-color insulation makes spotting damaged tools easier. If the yellow underlayer is exposed, the tool may no longer be safe and should be replaced.

We are continuously expanding our selection of specialty items to make our customer's jobs easier and safer. Take a look at our new line of spring-loaded insulated magnetic sockets (1/4" and 3/8"drives), PPE, non-conductive tools including inspection mirrors, magnetic pickup tools, rear activated screw starters, and long-handled mini pliers.


Insulated Non-Sparking and Non-Magnetic Tools

double diamond certified


Recently Added:

1000v Long Reach Electronic Screwdrivers

Long Reach Electronic Screwdriver

1000v Screw Starters

Insulated Screw Starter (Rear Activated)

Slotted and Phillips Available in 6" and 8" Lengths

** Rear Activated **


Long-Handled Mini Pliers

Long Handle Mini Pliers

** Available Individually or as a Set **


International Shipping Available


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